Gun in the car, municipal councilor arrested in the Catania area

A municipal councilor from Adrano, who is also the sole administrator of a pharmacy in the town of Etna, was arrested by the carabinieri of Biancavilla for possession of clandestine weapons and ammunition and receiving stolen goods. Against him, in execution of a search decree issued by the Public Prosecutor of Catania, soldiers from the Arma carried out a search with checks in the pharmacy, in the center of Adrano, and in his car. In the car, a 6.35 caliber Beretta pistol with abraded serial number was found in a bag under the front passenger seat, fitted with a magazine inserted with 4 bullets. The weapon, seized, in the next few days will be sent to the Ris di Messina to be subjected to specific technical-ballistic tests, also to ascertain its possible use in previous criminal events.

The municipal administrator, at the outcome of the judgment validating the arrest, was placed by the investigating judge as a precautionary measure for house arrest. .

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