Guinean woman arrested in Lampedusa for kidnapping a baby entrusted to her by smugglers.

A 31-year-old Guinean migrant woman was arrested by the Carabinieri in Alessandria, Italy, for kidnapping a baby girl in order to extort money from her parents. The woman had been entrusted with the baby by human traffickers after a shipwreck off the shores of Sicily. The baby’s Ivorian parents sought help from the police in Fermo, who alerted the authorities. The woman had pretended to be the mother to gain easier entry into Italy. She was initially staying in a hotel in Alessandria and planning to leave the country after receiving payment from the parents. However, she was eventually found in an apartment in the Cristo district. The baby girl has been placed in a care facility while her true parentage is verified before being reunited with her parents.

Guineana arrivata a Lampedusa arrestata per il sequestro di una neonata affidatale dagli scafisti

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