Growth in Construction Sector in Catania: Filca Cisl Calls for More Skilled Labor

The construction sector in the Catania area has shown a constant evolution in recent years, characterized by positive signs of economic recovery. Data from the construction fund supports this, with around 10,000 workers declared from October 2022 to March 2023, an increase of 2,337 companies in the same period, and a growth in salary mass totaling €65,638,089.00 and 5,987,009 hours worked. However, along with this growth, a critical issue has emerged that is putting many companies in the sector under significant strain, especially the difficulty in finding qualified labor. There is a need for approximately three thousand workers for upcoming projects in Catania and the shortage of skilled workers such as masons, carpenters, heavy machinery operators, drivers, and construction assistants could seriously compromise the start of projects funded by the Pnrr. Additionally, there is a need for generational turnover within the construction sector, as many workers have retired without adequate replacements, creating a gap in skills and knowledge that has not been adequately filled. The decades-long crisis in the construction sector has also caused a significant portion of the workforce to leave the field or pursue other professions. Another critical issue is the lack of adequate training, as opportunities for training and specialization for construction workers have been limited or insufficiently incentivized during times of crisis. To address these complex challenges, a joint effort from all stakeholders is essential. Public authorities must incentivize and finance targeted training programs to fill the skills gaps in the construction sector.

Edilizia in crescita a Catania, la Filca Cisl: «Serve più manodopera qualificata»

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