Group rape in Palermo: six suspects transferred at night from Pagliarelli to avoid dangers.

Six of the seven authors of a gang rape were transferred from the Pagliarelli prison in Palermo in the middle of the night to avoid a crowd of relatives gathering at the gates, and to protect their privacy from morbid curiosity and potential protesters. The transfer was also for their own physical safety, as they had raised concerns about threats from other inmates. The specific locations of the six suspects have not been disclosed for security reasons, but it is speculated that two of them may be sent to Termini Imerese and Castelvetrano. Trapani, Sciacca, Favignana, and Agrigento could also potentially be housing them. The decision to move them to different facilities was made to ensure their safety. The Giornale di Sicilia newspaper has dedicated two pages to the incident.

Lo stupro di gruppo a Palermo: sei indagati trasferiti dai Pagliarelli di notte per evitare pericoli

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