Gregory Bongiorno and his no to racketeering: «I denounced everything and felt like a free man»

The serenity of a businessman who with deeds said “no” to racketeering. Without apocalyptic tones, tracing the border that separated him from the worst Sicily with his cordial and confident smile. Here he is Gregory Bongiorno, the businessman who died yesterday at the age of 47 in his house in Castellammare del Golfo, that 9 September 2013, who welcomes the girls and young people of Free and of Goodbye lace who organized a “breakfast of solidarity” to support him: he, a 38-year-old businessman who owns the Agesp company, in a simple and revolutionary way had refused to pay the “pizzo” to a clan of extortionists in his city, he had reported everything to the Trapani flying squad, which after the investigations had arrested 3 of the family’s debt collectors. And without taking a step back, that warm and windless September morning, in a bar at the entrance to his city with his sister Silvia next to him, she had sipped a coffee, telling his story. The volunteers of also hung on his lips Lombardy Cooperativearrived in Sicily days before and accompanied by the coordinator of Free in Trapani, Salvatore Inguì, to cultivate the olive trees of land confiscated in Castelvetrano from a “picciotto” linked to Matteo Messina Denaro.