Gregoretti ship, definitive no place to proceed for Salvini

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 15:22

Share Now the sentence of no place to proceed is final because the fact does not exist against Matteo Salvini. The former Minister of the Interior was accused of kidnapping for the landing times in July 2019 of 131 migrants from the Gregoretti ship, of the Italian Coast Guard, in the port of Augusta, in Syracuse. The sentence issued in May by the Gup Nunzio Sarpietro, in the bunker hall of the Bicocca prison was not appealed by the Catania public prosecutor and the terms for an appeal to the Supreme Court, which the civil parties cannot present, have expired. While for the Open Arms case, for similar facts, Salvini is indicted. In the case analyzed by Judge Sarprieto, no kidnapping or abuse was identified. An interpretation not shared by some associations that had formed civil parties (AccoglieRete, Legambiente. Arci and a family of migrants who was on board the Gregoretti).

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