Greenery and cleaning, 50 Ucciardone inmates employed for the "decorum" of Palermo

Fifty inmates of Ucciardone prison employed for the “decorum” of Palermo. In particular they will take care of greenery, maintenance and cleaning. This was established by the agreement signed at the Teatro Massimo by the mayor Roberto Lagalla and the head of the Dap (Prison Administration Department) Carlo Renoldi, delegated by the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio. The protocol is called “I redeem myself for Palermo”, the municipal administration will select the city areas that will be subject to maintenance and cleaning. Inmates will therefore be trained to carry out useful activities in ordinary work sectors such as urban decorum and public parks, a process useful for their future social reintegration. Furthermore, the 2030 agenda calls for particular attention to environmental sustainability and the Protocol also moves in this direction.

“I thank the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio and the head of the Dap Carlo Renoldi because with the signing of the Protocol Palermo becomes the leader of an initiative that has a double value. On the one hand, the use of prisoners will lead to concrete decency activities in the city that are not simply spot operations. But the other aspect that must be highlighted – explains the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla – is the social purpose of the public utility program. The most important objective, but also the most difficult to pursue, for prisoners is to be reintegrated into society once they are released from prison. A project like this can, without a doubt, facilitate the achievement of this goal. The community cannot forget the prisoners, we cannot ignore the drama of the increase in suicides in prisons and, for this reason, a project like this, without a doubt, takes on even more significance”.

video by Marcella Chirchio

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