Green pass, the new decree: for those who will become mandatory

Editorial staff 05 September 2021 08:00

The road is drawn. The government seems willing to extend the use of the green pass to other categories of workers including, according to press rumors, public employees and those who work in sectors where the certificate is already mandatory for users, such as restaurants. and public transport. But on the table there is also another possibility illustrated today by the Minister for Public Administration Renato Brunetta on the sidelines of the Ambrosetti forum underway in Cernobbio. “That of the Green pass is a success story” the minister underlined, “an Italian and European success. It is now a question for Italy to complete this success story and therefore to extend it to the whole world of public and private work in in such a way that there is a sort of vaccination passport that must secure the whole world of work and social relations “. Do all workers have to have a green card? Someone in the government is already thinking about it. After all, only yesterday the Prime Minister Mario Draghi had hinted that the vaccination obligation is only a matter of time. And the solution outlined by Brunetta could be to lead the way towards the obligation to have a vaccine for everyone. For now, mind you, we are only talking about hypotheses. We will know more when the decree is in the pipeline. “We will talk about it next week in the control room – said the minister for the PA – and then from the control room in the council of ministers with all the determinations that the CDM will indicate”. The requests of the League to the government on green passes and tampons Certainly the green pass for workers is not a hypothesis that will make Matteo Salvini happy. Just today the League listed a series of proposals to be presented to the government after a videoconference between Salvini himself and the presidents Massimiliano Fedriga, Attilio Fontana, Maurizio Fugatti, Christian Solinas, Nino Spirlì, Donatella Tesei and Luca Zaia. There are five essential points. promotion of the vaccination campaign, recognizing the effectiveness of the commitment of the mayors, the Regions, the commissioner structure and the government: it should be noted that an increase in membership can be obtained with correct information, safeguarding freedom and avoiding obligations or constraints, which could only serve as an exception for some specific categories; use of the Green Pass to facilitate safe openings starting from major events such as concerts or sporting events, but without complicating life for Italians; free tampons for some categories, so as to easily obtain the Green Pass such as for minors who play sports or people who cannot get vaccinated; possibility of using molecular salivary swabs to obtain the Green Pass; extension of the use of monoclonal antibodies that can also be prescribed by general practitioners. However, the distance between the Northern League and the other majority parties remains very large. Source:

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