Green Line today traveling between Lazio and Sicily

Beppe Convertini and Ingrid Muccitelli traveling between Lazio and Sicily: appointment today with the Green Line at 12.20 on Rai1

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After the enormous success of the last episode, which exceeded 22% share, Sunday 9 May at 12.20 on Rai1 Beppe Convertini back with “Green Line”, With a new appointment that can be defined as a sort of time machine.

A journey through the Tuscia Viterbese, Etruria from the IX to the U century BC, the Magna Graecia in north-eastern Sicily, the historic houses that trace medieval and Renaissance paths. Beppe Convertini and Ingrid Muccitelli in this episode they propose a real collage of places, products, culture, and artistic treasures of an Italy reservoir of the infinite singularities that each region can offer. The journey starts from Lake Vico to immediately stop in Vignanello and visit Palazzo Ruspoli and its gardens, one of the most beautiful examples of an Italian Renaissance geometric garden. Sicily responds immediately with the Castle of Caronia in Messina, one of the best preserved buildings of Norman architecture dating back to around 1100. A stop in Soriano nel Cimino to then go down again to Sicily and enter the heart of the Nebrodi Mountains to meet one of the best known and most valuable breeds of pig, precisely the Nebrodi Black Pig.

Sicilian gastronomy then continues with another product to be absolutely tasted, the Maiorchino di Novara di Sicilia cheese made from whole sheep’s milk, typical of the area, so much so that it has obtained the recognition of PAI (Traditional Agri-food Product) from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Let’s go back to Lazio for an unmissable visit: Beppe Convertini crosses the door of another majestic Renaissance residence, Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola. We will see its characteristic pentagonal plan with large angular bastions, an indication of an initial defensive concept, and then enter its famous halls: the Sala di Giove, the Sala degli Angeli and the Sala del Mappamondo. Definitely a destination to suggest when the return to normal life can completely restore the enjoyment of our cultural heritage.

The lineup of the episode is still very rich: at Maiorchino Lazio responds with Ricotte di Canepina where Ingnd will taste the characteristic hemp pasta, while a visit to the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Tindari will correspond, in the Nature Reserve of Lake Vico, an adventurous excursion to the Benedictine hermitage of San Leonardo dug into the rock.

In conclusion, fettuccine with white pork sauce hybridized in Caprarola and Arancino in Novara di Sicilia.

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