Greek Mayor withdraws the Municipality’s Budget

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“I inform citizens that the Auditors have revoked in self-defense the opinion expressed to the DUP (Single Programming Document), an important act of the Municipality’s Budget 2022/24.
This evening during the City Council the Mayor withdrew the point relating to the Budget.
Now we need to start again with a new bureaucratic process.

As a minority group we had tabled interesting amendments.
We hope that the findings expressed by the Auditing Body will be overcome through the regulatory and accounting indications provided for the preparation of the Financial Statements.
We invite the administration to provide in the documents all the elements requested “not partially” and “lacking the minimal necessary elements” (write the auditors).
The balance of the budget is fundamental and is constituted by the achievement of a final balance between the revenues and the expenses foreseen in the forecast budget which is not negative.

The heat of the last few days has certainly made some bad jokes about the accounts ”.
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News from Sicily 2022-06-30 14:47:00

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