Great showdown of Seap Dalli Cardillo: Pallavolo Chieti joke


Great showdown of the Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona in the big match of the fourth round of the B1 series championship, group D. The sextet of coach Luca Secchi, at the PalaNicosia of Agrigento, clearly beat Tenaglia Altino Pallavolo Chieti 3-0, playing a practically perfect match in every fundamental. These are the partial ones: 25-18, 25-14, 25-16. Mattatrice of the meeting Ramona Aricò with 21 points per report.

The biancazzurre have well deserved success. The extra weapon of the landlords was the service that systematically put the Abruzzese formation into great difficulty. Good in the Aragon house also the wall, the defense and the reception that allowed the setter Trabucchi to juggle the game perfectly for the attacks both from the band and from the center. The Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona won the team, with a superb performance by the collective. It was the best match of the four so far played, and all won, by the formation of president Nino Di Giacomo. The three points allow the biancazzurre to remain at the top of the league with full points with 12 points. In front of the public of big occasions the formations initially fell in the field with the typical sextets. Coach Luca Secchi has deployed Trabucchi as director, Aricò opposite, Manzano and Composto centrale, Donà and Moneta schiacciatrici and Vittorio libero. In the final of the third set, the actress Falcucci has replaced the captain Donà. The Tenaglia Altino Chieti, coached by Daniele Litterio, responded with captain Ricci in dribble, opposite Lupidi, Modestino and Spicocchi central, Cipriani and Meniconi hammers receivers, Mastrilli free. During the match, Olleja, Silveri, Di Diego and D'Orazio found a space. The game begins in the sign of equilibrium, point to point up to the first to equal 4 with a beautiful wall of Amber Compound. Then the Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona, dragged by Aricò, places the first important break and puts the partial all downhill. The landlords also enjoy an advantage of 7 points and then suffer the vehement comeback of the guests (18-16). In the topical moments of the first set, the Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona, supported by the fans, makes no mistake and puts down the decisive extension balls. Altino Chieti also commits a few mistakes too many and surrenders to the first set point, thanks to a "poisonous" joke by the spiker Moneta: 25-18 in just 27 minutes of the match. The music does not change in the second set, entirely dominated by the Aragonese with net partial: 8-5, 16-10, 21-14. The Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona plays an excellent volleyball where the opposite Aricò is exalted with powerful attacks both from the first and from the second line. For the Abruzzese there is little to do. The partial ends quickly 25-14 with a fast attack by Elisa Manzano. Luca Secchi's girls show continues in the third set with a spectacular start: 5-0, 8-3 and 18-11. The guests are not able to keep up with the biancazzurre, concentrated and determined to bring home the victory with the maximum waste. A winning attack by Ambra Composto gives 21 to 13 to Aragon and breaks the dreams of comeback of coach Litterio's sextet. The ending is without history with the formation of Luca Secchi closing the game on a growing scale. The point that closes the contest, at the first match point, 25-16, wall on D´Orazio, is by Ramona Aricò who thus seals, in the best way, his best performance in this championship start.

Here is the match report:

SEAP DALLI CARDILLO ARAGONA: Trabucchi 3 pt, Manzano 9, Donà 3, Falcucci 1, Aricò 21, Moneta 10, Composto 9, Vittorio (L).

Do not enter: Baruffi, Maiello, Patti, Facendola, Parisi (L2).

TENAGLIA ALTINO CHIETI: Modestino 5 pt, Meniconi 7, Spicocchi 4, Cipriani 1, Ricci 2, Lupidi 8, Mastrilli 1 (L), Di Diego 1, D’Orazio 0, Olleja 0, Silveri 0.

Finamone not entering (L2)

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