In the next few days, the competition commission will be set up, which will include professors from the University and the top management of the Fiumara d’Arte Foundation to examine all the works presented.

April 6, 2021

There are 230 design responses to the competition for 13 works of contemporary art: urban, environmental and light design – “The belvedere of the soul”. The awarded projects will regenerate the open-air museum of contemporary art “Fiumara d’Arte” wanted by the artist and patron Antonio Presti. The call, as part of the FISR project “The re-functionalization of the contemporary” of the University of Messina, whose total amount is over 500 thousand euros. There are two subsections, one (junior) open to artists, architects and designers born after 31 December 1979, the other (senior) for already established master artists, architects and designers. The feedback obtained is of great importance, confirming how in this particular period it is necessary to invest in art and culture.

“The University of Messina – says the Rector, prof. Salvatore Cuzzocrea – has strongly defended this project, even in the face of the various difficulties encountered in recent years, obtaining from the Ministry the extensions and adjustments necessary to complete it. Even in a particularly delicate moment such as the current one, we wanted to commit important resources to contribute to the development of a sector such as that of art and design and to implement research. In addition to the announcement for the works that will be created at ‘Fiumara d’Arte’, in fact, we have assigned 15 grants and research grants. Furthermore, the collaboration with Antonio Presti and with the Foundation reaffirms the strategic role of the University for our territory ”.

“I am very happy to undertake this journey of creativity with the University of Messina – says the artist and patron Antonio Presti – In a historical moment of cultural depression, the birth of these new works will contribute to a new manifestation of beauty, a great an opportunity for creativity and regeneration, always looking to the future, a path of artistic, political and social commitment. I believe that this great participation in the call, in this moment of emergency, was the confirmation of the first goal achieved. Rediscovering and re-encountering the spirit of creativity, returning so much joy to all the participants “.

In fact, the 13 awarded works will be realized in public spaces and shared places, and initially placed in the surrounding and close areas – with the respective road infrastructures – to the monumental sculptures called “Monumento ad un poeta Morto” by Tano Festa, “La Materia Couldn’t Be There “by Pietro Consagra,” Pyramid – 38 ° Parallel “by Mauro Staccioli,” Mediterranean Energy “by Antonio Di Palma,” Room of Golden Boat “by Hidetoshi Nagasawa,” A curve thrown behind time “by Paolo Schiavocampo, “Labyrinth of Arianna” by Italo Lanfredini, “Arethusa” by Piero Dorazio and Graziano Marini, “The way of Beauty” by 40 artists, belonging to the monumental cycle of “Fiumara d’Arte” in the Tusa (ME) area . The project is inspired by the realization of real belvedere of the soul, temporary installations that in spiritual and physical continuity with the already existing works that, subsequently, can be installed in other places always in the Sicilian territory.

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