Grassi and the anti-mafia of the facts "Cut public contributions"

CATANIA – There is an anti-mafia movement to rebuild. And it is necessary to start from a precise historical and critical radiograph of the last twenty years. What is written in the judicial papers must not remain inside the courtrooms, but must serve as a seed for a new renaissance. For Nicola Grassi, president of the ASAEC, we need to change our skin: "We need to re-establish the anti-racket movement, starting from a precise and punctual analysis of the mistakes that have been made". And then launches a challenge: "We remove the possibility for associations to access public funds and see who remains".

The Catania Anti-extortion Association blows out candles on Monday. Almost thirty years working to support those who have the courage to denounce their torturers and on the other to fight the mafia culture. But what emerged from …

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