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“Grandparents without hugs” by Simona Merlo from Palermo arrives in Sicily

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“Grandparents without hugs.
Retirees tell about Covid “, the latest book by Simona Merlo, published at the end of 2021 by Betti publishing, will be presented Sunday 10 April at 5 pm at the Circolo Cultura Italia, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 7, in Monreale (PA).

The first presentation in his homeland will be attended by: Alberto Arcidiacono, Mayor of Monreale; Giovanni Ferraro, Psychotherapist; Francesco Pira, Associate of Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes of the University of Messina; dr.
Claudio Costantino, Surgeon, Associate Professor in Medicine, COVID Vaccination Referent AOU Policlinico P.
Giaccone of Palermo.
Daniela Balsano, literature teacher, will be the moderator of the event.

The book, commissioned by Cna – Pensionati di Siena, tells the point of view and the emotions experienced during the hardest months of the Covid19 emergency by the people who represent the historical memory of Italy.

How have “grandparents and grandmothers” reacted to the pandemic, the fear of contagions, loneliness, worries for their loved ones?

A long “suspended” year told by those who were there during World War II and rebuilt Italy; who knows what lies behind words like “curfew”, “war”, “enemy”, “hunger”.

Inside also their heartfelt advice for the youngest, for a regrowth charged with “know-how”.

The book tells how retirees lived through the long months of Covid in which, for almost two years, they were literally “bombarded” by terrible images, harrowing news and numbers that created a state of general apprehension.

The cover and internal illustrations of the book were created by Melania Merlo, owner of B / Art digital printing.