Goodbye to Ignazio Sanges, former mayor of Erice: a life between politics and family business

Ignazio Sanges, former mayor of Erice, passed away after a long illness at the age of 78. He made a public appearance in 2017, mentoring the candidates in Trapani and Erice during a contentious political period. Sanges was previously distant from public life due to his illness and losing an election, but had a notable presence as the former mayor of Erice and as a coordinator for Forza Italia. He had unfulfilled dreams of uniting Erice and Trapani, and was dedicated to the growth and development of the region. Sanges was also a successful businessman, who dedicated himself to his family’s company and was involved in various regional business organizations. He took a break from politics in the early 1990s, but returned to the political arena in 1998 with Forza Italia.

Addio a Ignazio Sanges, ex sindaco di Erice: una vita fra politica e impresa di famiglia

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