“good solution found by the government to avoid a water emergency in Agrigento”

The solution that emerged during yesterday’s meeting between Musumeci and the mayors representing ATI was the one desired. The immediate start-up of AICA’s operations, the special consortium company established a few days ago with a notarial deed will be able to manage the water service immediately, averting the feared water and sanitary emergency; the intervention of the Region was essential to avoid any transitory management and above all because the new public manager cannot be born burdened by the debts that the bankruptcy trustee must demand from those who contracted them.

However, we do not agree with the President of the region when he announces a regulatory intervention to establish a single regional Ato. We remember that there is already a law, the number 19 of 2015, and that it must only be applied, as we are slowly beginning to do. We recall that the regional powers of direction and control are already attributed to the regional basin Authority; the Authority, which was already provided for by law 19/15 once it was established in 2018, has absorbed the powers provided for in article 2 of 19/15.

The fear is that with the announced legislative intervention, instead, we want to intervene on the regional tariffs, which the recent sentence of the CGA, confirming the implementation of that of the TAR of 2020, declared illegitimate to rehabilitate a role of Siciliacque, manager of the desired scope from Cuffaro and 75% in the hands of the French multinational Veolia, which the law 19/15 assigns instead to the provincial government bodies, together with the networks and plants.

As always, the Forum asks that the law be applied in all its articles, including the one that assigns to the President the assessment of the existence of the conditions for the early termination of the Siciliacque contract.