Golden Paladin Sports Film Festival moves to Agrigento: 40 world productions on display

The sports film festival is leaving Palermo after 42 years and moving to Agrigento, the Capital of Culture for 2025. The festival will feature over 40 international productions and will begin on November 20th with screenings of the finalist films. The event will culminate in the final two evenings on November 25th and 26th, with awards being presented to entrepreneurs, athletes, and directors at the closing ceremony. The mayor of Agrigento expressed enthusiasm for hosting the festival and highlighted the impact it will have on tourism in the city. The festival is expected to draw tourists and visitors to the area for over a week, benefiting local businesses and showcasing the cultural richness of the region. Over 150 films from 39 participating countries will be featured in the festival, making it a record-breaking edition. The festival, sponsored by various organizations and institutions, is the oldest sports film festival in the world, and has featured renowned directors in past editions.

Il Paladino d’oro Sport film festival si trasferisce ad Agrigento: in mostra 40 produzioni da tutto il mondo

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