go ahead for the transfer to other landfills

Drafting 14 September 2021 18:17

Share “This morning we drew the attention of the waste plant managers to the content of the presidential ordinance. Under this provision, the plant managers will have to allow – in order to avoid the overlap of a possible waste emergency with the current pandemic situation – the entry into landfills of waste produced by Sicilian municipalities “. The Regional Energy Councilor Daniela Baglieri announces the green light for the transfer of Catania waste to landfills other than that of Lentini, currently unable to continue the service due to the saturation of the plant. In this way, the inconveniences that have been registered, as well as in Catania, also in other municipalities of eastern Sicily for two days now should be resolved. Catania waste in other landfills “I also heard by telephone some managers who, in a responsible way, declared themselves willing to give their contribution to avert the onset of further crisis. On the other hand – continues the commissioner, inviting local administrators to incentivize the differentiated – we reminded the Srr and the Municipalities to comply with the current legislation. If we do not take serious efforts to increase the separate collection, there will be no plants and programs that hold. The solution certainly cannot be to make Sicily a huge landfill at the expense Sicilians and the environment. Everything was done in my office and in this department to prevent this waste from going abroad with enormous outlays. Well, apart from a few exceptions, the quantity of differentiated waste to carry landfill has not decreased. Due to the space currently available and based on the waste policies of the Musumeci government, we will work to avoid considerable increases in the Tari for citizens. It is not possible to ask in a few months, or even in a few years, to resolve critical issues and incrustations present and never faced for decades in Sicily. The turning point that we have made with the call for waste to energy users – concludes Baglieri – will, in the medium term, make a valid contribution to the definitive solution of the problem, but in the immediate future it is only necessary to increase the differentiated “. Pogliese:” solution to inconvenience are the waste-to-energy plants ” “Unfortunately – the Mayor Salvo Pogliese and the councilor for ecology Fabio Cantarella said in a joint note – it is a situation that we are forced to suffer and while understanding the legitimate grievances of citizens. However, the competent regional bodies have informed us that they have identified a suitable solution to temporarily deal with a situation that risked degenerating into a dangerous condition of hygienic and sanitary insufficiency. We positively acknowledge this with satisfaction. We are aware, as regards Catania, due to a contract that we found at our establishment, that we are not among the virtuous municipalities for the differentiated levels, but we are also ready to start a new phase with the door to door extended to the whole the city, as early as November 1st, with the complete awarding of the three lots put up for bidding and finally raising the level of undifferentiated collection. The first two lots have already been awarded by the SRR, while the third lot whose tender was once again deserted, the technicians are processing an assignment with a negotiated procedure of the contract, thus finally launching a completely new course throughout the territory. city ​​of Catania. We have always trusted – added Pogliese and Cantarela – in the great sense of responsibility of the president of the Nello Musumeci Region, councilor Daniela Baglieri and the director general of the Regional Energy and Waste Department Calogero Foti, to identify an at least temporary solution, given that a Catania we are already close to the emergency, to restart the collection of waste that invades our streets. The chinks arrived in these hours from Palermo to be able to deliver waste also to other landfills is already a step forward that must immediately materialize and make us resume collection as soon as possible. All this, although we remain convinced that the only way that gives a perspective to this land of Sicily is only that of waste-to-energy. A path that the Region seems to have taken and on which we must insist at all costs as the only viable solution, building in a very short time the waste-to-energy plants needed in Sicily. To the citizens – concluded the mayor and the commissioner – we can only ask for a supplement of collaboration by inviting them, until the collection is resumed, we hope in the next few hours to throw only the differentiated waste in the containers, thus avoiding aggravating the limits possible an objectively difficult and problematic situation, which unfortunately does not depend on our will, even if we see some opening to unblock the situation, at least temporarily pending definitive solutions: the new contract and the waste-to-energy plants “.

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