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“Glamor Night” in Palermo, Saturday 9 April

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New appointment with La Notte Vola, an event brand founded in 2015 by Luigi Cortina who chose the party hall of the Unified Circle in piazza Sant’Oliva, 25 in Palermo, for his latest production La Notte Glamor.
Saturday 9 April, from 8 pm, after the fish-based dinner, the live show will start, presented by Vincenzo Canzone, official voice of La Notte Vola, with the music of Medea and the sax of Gerardo Vitale.
The show will be completed by the choreography of Giulia Novelli of “It’s time to show” and the performance of four dancers, who with their gracefulness and sinuous movements will revive the splendor and magnificence of the location.
Info on costs and reservations 3421076311.