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Giuseppe Salvia killed for revenge of the boss: book-investigation presented in Palermo

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When he lost his life he was 38, the same age as Rosario Livatino, the Sicilian magistrate murdered by the Stidda on a provincial road in Agrigento.
Giuseppe Salvia, on the other hand, was killed by the men of Raffaele Cutolo’s new organized Camorra, on April 14, 1981.
The deputy director of the Poggioreale prison was killed while driving on the Naples ring road, at the Arenella junction.

In Palermo, in the premises of the Acli (Christian workers association), the book “La vendetta del boss.
The murder of Giuseppe Salvia ”by Antonio Mattone.
Present, together with the author, the assistant prosecutor of the Court of Palermo, Laura Vaccaro, and Archbishop Corrado Lorefice.
To moderate the meeting, the journalist and writer Davide Camarrone.

“I learned about Salvia’s murder when I was a young student – explains Mattone – then the story fell into oblivion”.
At the beginning of 2005, the Neapolitan journalist began volunteering in the Poggioreale prison and became friends with Salvia’s son.
“One day I received a phone call from Claudio Salvia – he says – he told me he wanted to come to Sant’Egidio’s lunch in Poggioreale, incognito.
From there a friendship was born.
It all started from this meeting and from the request of Giuseppe Salvia’s wife in particular ”.

An investigation book, that of Mattone, which traces the day of the murder and the phases of the trial, with unpublished sources and testimonies.
Inside the volume, the author’s interviews with Raffaele Cutolo and Mario Incarnato, respectively the principal and the author of the murder of the young deputy director.
A man who kept his back straight in the years in which the New Organized Camorra recruited laborers inside the prison.

In 1980 Salvia clashed directly with Ottaviano’s boss: on returning from a hearing from a trial, Cutolo did not want to be searched, as required by the regulation.
When the prison officers refused, it was Salvia who personally searched him.
Then, that April 14, 1981, the “Revenge of the boss”.
A forgotten story that after 40 years re-emerges, bringing to light omissions, connivance and stories of the underworld, but also the figure of a valiant and faithful servant of the state who did not yield to mafia arrogance.
Today an example of honesty and righteousness for the younger generation.

In the video interviews with: Antonio Mattone, author of the book; Laura Vaccaro, assistant prosecutor at the Court of Palermo and Mons.Corrado Lorefice, Archbishop of Palermo

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