Giuliana, the return of the sweet Sfincione after 30 years of oblivion

The return of the Sfincione Dolce after about thirty years of oblivion. Oh yes, because in Giuliana, the beautiful village in the province of Palermo, with just under two thousand inhabitants, at 750 meters above sea level, the sfincione is not salty – neither white nor red – but sweet on the palate with its soft oven-baked pasta and the soft ricotta cream filling strictly sheep’s milk, seasoned with chocolate flakes and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

In Giuliana, once upon a time, it was the typical sweet on Sundays and religious holidays; over the last few decades, however, the closure of historic bars and the generational turnover among the artisans of the sector have made it fall into oblivion. But now he’s back.

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December with “Giuliana in Festa – The return of the Sfincione Dolce”, this particular delicacy from Giuliano will be the protagonist of the program of tastings, concerts and guided tours around the Castle of Federico II.

The initiative is promoted by the Municipality of Giuliana with funding from the Department of Productive Activities of the Sicilian Region and the collaboration of local associations and companies.

«The municipal administration – says the mayor of Giuliana, Francesco Scarpinato – is working together, in harmony and in collaboration with the Giuliana companies and associations, to enhance the local products and at the same time the beauties of our village. Fourteen companies from the Julian area are participating in the initiative. Giuliana’s Sfincione Dolce is part of this project of recovery of traditions, innovation and growth of our land».

The origins of Sfincione Dolce di Giuliana, according to the stories of some elders, could date back to the early twentieth century of the last century. Within the walls of the Opera Pia Buttafuoco Tomasini, the nun who was in charge of cooking for the orphans and the elderly guests of the institute, invented a sweet to cheer up the festivities. Flour, eggs and very fresh ricotta: a few simple ingredients for a “poor” dessert that requires, however, great skill. Traditionally, it was accompanied with mulled wine flavored with quinces and spices.

The tastings. In addition to the Sfincione Dolce, on 10 and 11 December, in Giuliana the appointment is with the Oliva Giarraffa denomination, also served in patè; organic lentil soups; the Giulianese tabisca, a typical focaccia topped with anchovies and cheese; local porchetta and other delights.

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