Girolamo Ingardia on Elia Avrio Suzuki wins the Monte Bonifato-Città di Alcamo slalom.

Girolamo Ingardia has won the sixth Monte Bonifato-Città di Alcamo car slalom championship, driving his Elia Avrio Suzuki. Antonio De Giorgio finished in second place with his Gloria B5 Suzuki, while Nicolò Incammisa took third place driving a Radical SR 4 Suzuki. The competition also featured various historic car groups, with Giovanni Mangano winning in Group HST 1, Giuseppe Romano dominating in Group HST 2, and Rosolino Francesco Barbaccia taking first place in Group HST 3. The event, organized by Kinisia and sponsored by the municipality of Alcamo, provided a day of thrilling racing along the panoramic Via per Monte Bonifato road. It was part of the Coppa Aci Sport and Sicilian championship. Slalom car races on the road are a display of skill, power, and control, with challenging curves and straightaways. The enthusiasm of the participants highlights the love and following for these events.

Girolamo Ingardia su Elia Avrio Suzuki vince lo slalom Monte Bonifato-Città di Alcamo.

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