Girl reported missing in Alcamo found dead

The case of the missing girl from Alcamo, whose disappearance was reported by her parents last Tuesday, ended in tragedy. Her body was found dead yesterday inside a rented house in the historic center of Alcamo. It is suspected that she took her own life, as no signs of violence were found by the appointed medical examiner. Possible traces of poisoning were instead detected. According to the police, the young girl may have ingested some lethal substance. However, further investigations are still ongoing. The 23-year-old had left her parents’ house on Tuesday to visit a friend, but never returned. Concerned, her parents reported her missing to the police. They had been told by their daughter that she was going to visit a friend in Camporeale, but the friend denied ever seeing her that afternoon.

Trovata morta la ragazza scomparsa ad Alcamo

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