Girl killed in Catania, former friend sentenced to 18 years

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Ylenia Bonavera died in December 2020

CATANIA, 20 JUN – The Gup of Catania has sentenced Daniela Agata Nicotra, 36, to 18 years of imprisonment for the murder of 24-year-old Ylenia Bonavera, who died on 9 December 2020 at the Garibaldi hospital.
In the sentence, issued at the end of the trial celebrated with the abbreviated procedure, the judge recognized the accused as aggravating the “emotional relationship with the victim”.
The prosecutor had asked for a 20-year sentence.
The lawyer Giovanni Chiara, who assists him, announced an appeal after the filing of the reasons.

According to the accusation, the victim died from a hemorrhage resulting from a stab wound in the back that the Prosecutor believes was “inflicted with force and determination against the victim during a violent dispute that arose for sentimental reasons”.
The defendant had appeared before the police accompanied by her trusted lawyer, the lawyer Giovanni Chiara, admitting that he had injured her with a kitchen knife at the height of a dispute in the street, which had been caught with cell phones by passers-by.
Nicotra supported the thesis of self-defense by explaining that she was injured by Ylenia in the eye, which was bleeding, after she had scolded her because she, according to her, she was once again prey to the use of drugs and alcohol.
The victim was holding a bottle of beer with which, the woman added, he would try to hit her again and for this he would have taken a kitchen knife, which he had in his car, and used it to defend himself and then left .

In 2017, Ylenia, during an attack suffered by the ex who had tried to set her on fire – Alessio Mantineo, 25, sentenced to 10 years on appeal – had suffered burns in 13 percent of her body and had lost the child she was expecting.

During the trial she took her defense considering the ex as a gesture as a proof of love and for this she was sent to trial in Messina for aiding and abetting and perjury.



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