Girl from Gela swallows button battery, doctors save her life

A six-year-old child from Gela who had swallowed a button lithium battery while playing was operated on urgently at the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania with an endoscopic procedure. After a night of observation, the child returned home in good health with his parents.

“These batteries – explains Dr. Antonella Di Stefano, director of the Pediatric Unit and Pediatric Emergency Department – although small in size, can cause damage both due to the electrical effect and after the release of substances in case of possible opening, both to the esophagus and stomach. In more serious cases, esophageal perforation can occur, therefore it is essential to intervene promptly, as our staff did with professionalism and promptness. We take on board the report from the Ministry of Health, which has observed an increase in incidents related to the ingestion of button batteries in recent years, especially in younger children who often manage to get hold of them. The first precaution to take – concludes Di Stefano – is to ensure that the battery compartments are well protected and securely closed, and if it is believed that the batteries may have been ingested, it is crucial to seek the Pediatric Emergency Department.”

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