Giardinello official resigns after father arrested in mafia raid.

The Deputy Mayor of Giardinello Faro Rosario Palazzolo has resigned after his father, 76-year-old Giacomo Palazzolo, was arrested in an anti-mafia operation between New York and Palermo. The deputy mayor, who was appointed in February, was responsible for budget and taxes, tourism, youth policies, entertainment, volunteering, culture, business, and sports. The mayor stated that the deputy did the right thing by resigning as a sign of respect for the institutions and will now begin consultations with supporting political forces to appoint a replacement. Giacomo Palazzolo is accused of being part of the mafia family of Borgetto, included in the Partinico mafia district, and participating in meetings involving the exchange of information and planning criminal activities, as well as carrying out orders and tasks.

Giardinello, si dimette l’assessore Palazzolo: suo padre è tra i fermati del blitz antimafia fra Palermo e New York

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