“Gianluca seed of love”, a mural for Gianluca Loria at Villa Mokarta • First Page Trapani

Exciting moments on Saturday afternoon in the Erice district of Villa Mokarta.

Just in the early afternoon of last Saturday, many residents of the area gathered in Piazza Vittime della strada, a meeting point for many young people in the neighborhood, to discover a plaque and a mural in honor of Gianluca Loria, a boy who died prematurely at the young age of 19 years.

To be present at the commemoration were Gianluca’s parents, relatives, companions, many friends and some political representatives of the territory who remembered him with great emotion and also with much affection.

The celebration opened with a plaque dedicated to the boy in the exact place where he had planted an olive tree during a redevelopment of the square.

Then the attention shifted to the discovery of a mural, created by the artist Alessandro Gandolfo, who wanted to summarize in the writing “Lorias”, the nickname that friends gave to the boy, Gianluca’s passions which were engines and technique .

The song “Hallelujah” played to the sound of cello by professor Enzo Toscano and two pupils made the commemoration even more solemn, in memory of the fact that the young Loria played the cello during his middle school years.

The celebration ended with the blessing, both of the plaque and the mural, of the parish priest of San Paolo, Don Filippo Cataldo, and the signature under the mural of those present to remember a son, a brother, a companion and also a friend who will remain in the heart of those who knew him.

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