Ghostly Boat Arrivals on the Trapani Coast: Abandoned Boats between Mazara and Campobello

Ghost landings continue along the coast of the province of Trapani. The latest was discovered between Mazara and Campobello di Mazara. Three iron boats were abandoned last night along the beach of Tonnarella, in Mazara del Vallo, and two were found on the beach of Tre Fontane in Campobello di Mazara. The boats, found without engines, were likely used to transport migrants across the sea. Inside the boats were clothes, shoes, backpacks, bottles, and inner tubes from used tires used as life jackets. The coast guard of Mazara del Vallo has launched searches at sea, and searches on land have also been initiated, but no sightings have been reported yet. Just a few days ago, a rubber dinghy carrying 15 North Africans was spotted and stopped off the coast of Marsala after a long and dangerous chase by the coast guard. The dinghy, equipped with two engines, would have certainly reached the Marsala coast, where the smuggler would have left the migrants and then returned to one of the Mediterranean countries for a new human cargo. It is not excluded that there may have been one of the so-called “mother ships” waiting behind.

Sbarchi «fantasma» sulle coste trapanesi: barchini abbandonati tra Mazara e Campobello

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