“Ghost company to cheat INPS”, prosecutor asks for 63 sentences

Non-existent companies created at the table with the sole purpose of cheating INPS: after more than ten years from the facts, the public prosecutor concludes the indictment and asks for the conviction of all 63 defendants. “Not all crimes – underlined the prosecutor Antonella Pandolfi – are prescribed”. Among the accusations, however, there is the criminal association.

The proposed penalties range from 2 to 7 years of imprisonment. The alleged organization, the prosecution argues, “manufactured” companies operating in the agricultural sector. On paper there were dozens of hires of laborers who in reality were only used, once the “ghost” employment relationships were over, to collect the money for the unemployment benefit but not only: the fake jobs were also used to collect pension contributions and even sickness benefits. The investigation by the Guardia di Finanza, which sifted through the activities, actually deemed non-existent, of some companies led to 63 indictments. Here is the list of defendants: Angelo Amato, 37, of Licata; Vincenzo Amato, 33, of Licata; Giuseppa Elisa Cuttitta, 40, of Licata; Ignazio Amato, 71, of Licata; Angela Carità, 63, of Licata; Ottavio Giuseppe Amato, 61, of Licata; Vincenza Cinzia Sorriso, 44, of Licata; Patrizia Accursio, 40, of Licata; Calogero Amato, 63, of Palma; Domenico Savio Ballacchino, 39, of Licata; Giovanna Pietrina Paola Ballacchino, 48, of Licata; Angelo Barbera, 42, of Licata; Gaspare Buscemi, 48, of Licata; Angelo Cacciato, 37, of Canicattì; Marco Calà, 37, of Licata; Angelo Cammilleri, 52, of Licata; Francesco Candiano, 65, of Licata; Veronica Candiano, 27, of Licata; Angelo Catania, 33, of Licata; Paolo Catania, 54, of Palma; Giovanni Centorbi, 46, of Licata; Angelo Consagra, 45, of Licata; Rosaria Cusumano, 61, of Licata; Salvatore Cusumano, 47, of Licata; Pasqualina Di Vincenzo, 51, of Palma; Tommaso Famà, 52, of Licata; Pietro Fuciglia, 47, of Licata; Antonino Galanti, 51, of Licata; Angelo Grillo, 45, of Licata; Santina Guerriero, 37, of Canicattì; Vincenzo Iacona, 42, of Licata; Francesco Damiano Incorvaia, 30, of Licata; Tommaso La Cognata, 60, of Licata; Benedetto Licata, 59, of Licata; Rosamaria Licata, 30, of Licata; Raimondo Giuseppe Lo Giudice, 52, of Palma di Montechiaro; Carlo Lo Vasco, 41, of Licata; Pietro Lo Vasco, 47, of Licata; Caterina Mammoliti, 41, of Licata; Pina Marotta, 40, of Licata; Cinzia Emilia Martello, 41, of Licata; Calogero Massaro, 42, of Licata; Amedeo Mazza, 58, of Palma; Antonino Monachello, 44, of Licata; Calogero Mulè, 25, of Canicattì; Gabriele Portelli, 44, of Licata; Vincenza Portelli, 39, of Licata; Giuseppina Posata, 44, of Licata; Marilena Re, 46, of Licata; Angelo Ripellino, 39, of Licata; Calogero Ruggeri, 47, of Palma; Massimo Emiliano Russello, 42, of Licata; Giuseppa Salviccio, 66, of Licata; Marcella Salviccio, 40, of Licata; Giuseppe Sempervivo, 34, of Licata; Filippo Stincone, 33, of Palma; Luigi Tosolini, 34, of Licata; Onofrio Triglia, 39, of Licata; Cornelia Tudor, 46, of Licata; Rosaria Angela Valoroso, 41, of Licata; Carmela Vedda, 53, of Licata; Gaetano Vedda, 56, of Licata; Gaspare Vitali, 62, of Licata. The prosecutor asked for 7 years for Ignazio Amato, 3 years for Vincenzo Amato and Giuseppe Ottavio Amato. Penalties between 2 years and 2 years and 3 months for others. The disputed crimes are conspiracy, forgery and fraud. The facts date back to the period between 2010 and 2013. There are two in particular – the “Angelina” and the “Verona” – the ghost companies that would have been set up. The presumed members of the organization (the association bond, however, is not disputed at all) would then also have created individual farms for the fictitious hiring of farm laborers. Back to court on October 13 for the start of the defensive speeches.

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