Gettonopoli in Messina, the councilors Crifò and Vaccarino fall

Palazzo Zanca was notified of the provision by which, following the results of the Gettonopoli trial, the forfeiture of the municipal councilors elected as a share of Forza Italia is expected Benedetto Vaccarino is Giovanna Crifò, among the longest-lived on the council seats.

The two were sentenced definitively for forgery and fraud with a sentence of more than six months and the aggravating circumstance of the abuse of power, precisely by virtue of this aggravating circumstance, according to the Severino law they will forfeit the office of municipal councilor and will also be incandidable in the next elections, as well as all the others sentenced definitively to a sentence of more than six months to which this aggravating circumstance was recognized.

The formality of the forfeiture, from practice, is missing only one step: the notification to the Municipality by the judicial office that must carry out the measure.

They will be replaced by the doctors Sebastiano Tamà and Rita La Paglia, both already exponents of the civic forum.

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