Germanà: “The bridge serves to relaunch Italy”

“The construction of the bridge over the Strait of Messina is a unique opportunity for the relaunch of Italy. Matteo Salvini says well when he says that the Bridge would make Italy talk about in the world. It is a fundamental work to relaunch our country and, at the same time, close the gap between North and South “.
This was stated by the deputy from Lega Nino GERMANA‘.
“There is great attention for the South on the part of the League for the construction of the bridge and infrastructure in general. As Lega Sicilia we will fight for the construction of the bridge, because it is a strategic work also for the trans-European network system. But the bridge must be accompanied by the infrastructures that make it functional and at the same time relaunch the entire South. Corrido 1 Palermo-Berlin must be completed with the bridge and related infrastructures, such as roads and railways ”, concludes the Sicilian member of the League.

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