Gennuso (Dc Nuova) unity is a common good, the center-right does not waste it

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“The center-right coalition needs to regain unity because, as the recent municipal elections in Palermo taught us, ‘United we win’.
Enough individualism, stances and impositions, it is time to sit down all around a table and, as our regional commissioner Totò Cuffaro said, discuss to find a candidate for president of the unitary Region ”.
This was declared by Giuseppe Gennuso, a member of the New DC.

“Every day we read the name of a new possible candidate, this is not how we can find a shared solution.
We must do it quickly and well, but above all united.
The experience as president of the Movimento Cristiano Lavoratori Palermo – continues Gennuso – has taught me that only through a community of intentions can a result be achieved that should not be the satisfaction of a personal need but the achievement of a common purpose.
We need to put aside personalities and think about the common good, the good of our Region and of all Sicilians.
By common good we mean the set of conditions of social life which allow both the community and the individual members to reach their perfection fully and quickly.
And it is from here that we must start, from the concept of the common good, to identify a unitary candidacy in which the parties will have to recognize themselves.
Being president of the Mcl has allowed me to be able to operate on a daily basis by laying the very concept of unity and the common good at the base.
It is from here that we must start again and this is the spirit that must distinguish man and politician ”, concludes Gennuso.


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