Genius lost his way: Crack in defense, formation, and choices

This time the blackout did not go unnoticed, frustrating even a tough leadership like the City Group: in Pisa, it emerged once again how fragile and unable to remedy their mistakes Palermo is, but above all how all attempts to make the team less predictable are not enough. Paying the price is Corini, who after the game took responsibility for the disaster, highlighting how the rosanero have been unable to reverse a trend of inconsistency over the past period. The collapse of the defense is evident by the numbers: only Feralpisalò and Lecco, respectively penultimate and last in the standings, have conceded more goals than Palermo. The number of goals conceded has skyrocketed in recent weeks, with 16 goals conceded in 6 games. Corini’s tactical changes have not been effective, with the team reverting back to the same unbalanced formation despite attempts to change tactics. The game against Pisa was the lowest point reached by the Palermo bench this season, with tactical errors and technical mistakes leading to a 3-3 draw. Corini’s decision to field six defenders after a red card proved to be disastrous, leaving a gap in midfield that Pisa exploited to score the winning goal. The club’s management will have certainly taken note of these aspects in withdrawing their trust from Corini, which may have led to a significant setback in the standings.

Crac in difesa, modulo e scelte: così il «Genio» ha perso la rotta

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