General medicine courses, appeal accepted: scholarships for excluded students


The Council of State, accepting the thesis of the Messina lawyer Santi Delia, of the law firm Bonetti and Delia, condemned the Sicily Region and the Ministry of Health for the management of the competition for access to the specific training course in General Medicine. It is, in particular, the training course, limited number, which on the basis of European Directives allows you to obtain the qualification useful for becoming a general practitioner and carrying out affiliated activities such as, for example, the one known to all as «medical doctor family »and 118 services.

The competition, which was attended by over 10,000 doctors, allowed the attribution of approximately 1,000 places financed with over 40 million euros of funds from the Regional Health Fund granted to the Regions. The evidence, the same nationally, according to lawyers Santi Delia and Michele Bonetti, was clear "Flawed for administering an incorrect application for which reason the regional rankings should have been redone with a new and revised position of the candidates ».

Following the assessment of this defect, however, not all the Regions fully complied, limiting themselves, in some cases, to only admission to the course attendance without recognition of the payment. The State Council has instead sentenced the Administration to pay the scholarship not paid, equal to about 40,000 euros, to the subjects illegitimately excluded, in addition to several thousand euros as legal fees.

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