Gela, delves into food influencers and food perspectives

Two important events took place in the last few hours in Gela, in the presence of the Mayor Lucio Greco. The first, organized by the prestigious Italian Academy of Cuisine, founded in 1953 by Orio Vergani, began on Friday and will end this morning – Sunday 5 June – with a visit to the archaeological and monumental sites of Gela, but the most important moment was the conference. yesterday morning entitled Past and prospects of food in Sicily: from Archestrato to food influencers.

“These three days – says Greco – is the demonstration of the fact that what, as an administration, we have been saying for months is not impossible, but it is a beautiful reality. Our food and our archaeological and monumental beauties are means through which to convey a powerful message that is already normal elsewhere, but which in Gela is only now beginning to make its way: we can live on tourism. Like the vast majority of Sicilian cities, we can focus on our history, our traditions, our typical dishes and our locations to attract visitors. Sure, there’s a lot of work to do, but no one fears it. We are here to start it and make it easier. Gela, unfortunately, wears the stains of a difficult past on the skin. We have always lived on agriculture and industry, and the news has not helped us to export a beautiful image. But we can be reborn, we can change mentality and start afresh with young people and visionary, lively, original and optimistic entrepreneurs ».

The second appointment also took place yesterday morning, organized by the Lions Club International and sponsored by the municipalities of Gela, Caltagirone and Mazzarino on the theme of national study I entrust, a choice of love.

“The in-depth aspects of this meeting were many and all interesting, – commented the mayor – which saw, among the speakers, a university professor, a psychotherapist and the president of the Juvenile Court of Caltanissetta, Umberto Zingales, precisely for analyze the delicate issue at 360 degrees. I can only congratulate you on the good initiative, hoping that comparisons like this will be more and more frequent in the city. The protection of vulnerable sections of the population is a priority of this administration, and that of minors in particular is very important to us. Thanks, therefore, to the Lions, always very attentive and able to turn the spotlight on current topics and deserving of the utmost attention ».

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