Gela achieves 63.09% recycling rate; illegal dumping now a crime

On one hand, the municipal administration confirms a sharp increase in the recycling rate, which has risen to 63.091 percent. The mayor, Lucio Greco, attributes this to the success of the new recycling service and the correct sorting practices of citizens. The municipality has also implemented environmental policing to crack down on illegal waste disposal, with violations now being considered a criminal offense rather than an administrative one. The mayor warns that offenders risk severe penalties and criminal charges under the new national law. The administration is also increasing surveillance cameras in areas with high rates of illegal waste dumping. Overall, the mayor hopes that these stricter measures will deter citizens from dirtying the city, emphasizing the importance of civic responsibility in maintaining cleanliness.

A Gela la raccolta differenziata è al 63,09%, l’abbandono dei rifiuti diventa reato penale

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