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Today’s edition of “Il Giornale di Sicilia” focuses on the emergency to the Palermo rolls.

The flower to leave on the coffin for Father’s Day will have to make its way into the vases already crowded with dried stems and petals which have remained where they have been for almost a week.
San Giuseppe among the avenues of the Rotoli cemetery, first emergency for the next administration, whatever it may be, once again ready to welcome visitors with baskets full of waste and tombstones invaded by litter and rotten leaves overflowing from the containers and scattered a little ‘ everywhere.
Despite the effort and the increase of Reset operators, who have been working for weeks to collect waste and give at least a sense of dignity to the cemetery, plagued by its now about 1,100 dead awaiting burial in the deposits, there is rampant dirt: the Rap bins where not only that garbage can be deposited, but also the waste of the exumulations (zinc, wood and clothes of the deceased) are overflowing and have not been emptied.
It is not the fault of the company, mind you, ready to take away the loads.
But of a bureaucratic error that produced the new stop.

«This kind of urban waste must pass through the chemical analysis of a company, which then characterizes it and puts it on a list to be delivered to Rap, which will then have to dispose of it.
They are two different modules, but this time the list sent was unique.
As early as Monday, Rap assured, it will be possible to clean the bins.
Meanwhile, the Reset external teams are continuing to remove the weeds and clean up the burial fields.
Chapter transferred to Sant’Orsola.
There are 37 left to take to the cemetery of the Ente di Santo Spirito.
Until yesterday troubled journeys, but the list of twelve corpses already identified has already been sent to the coroner: “They are underway, amidst a thousand difficulties,” says the commissioner Toni Sala.
Emanuele Di Maria, who lost his mother a year ago and wanted to put an end to the ordeal of staying in the tensile structure, knows something about it: he has paid the niche in Sant’Orsola for four months now, but Teresa remains on the scaffolding.
«We are still waiting for the miracle – he says -.
I am really tired, I have traveled all the possible and impossible roads, but they have had no effect ».
The shortage of places mainly concerns the burial camps.
In recent days, the director Leonardo Cristofaro has delivered a list of those that have expired to the members of the IV Board Commission who had made an above.

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