Gds: “Palermo, Orlando and Miccichè:” We will watch to ensure safety. “

Today’s edition of “Il Giornale di Sicilia” focuses on the issue relating to school and the clash between the Municipality and the Tar.

After Messina on Thursday, yesterday came the blow of the Tar judges to the ordinances of Palermo and Agrigento. The Administrative Court of Palermo suspended the provisions of the two mayors, Leoluca Orlando and Francesco Miccichè, who kept the schools closed until tomorrow. A few hours later another blow dealt in unison by the Region and the Regional School Office and supported by the numbers: “Pupils absent due to positivity from Covid do not exceed 5% and, therefore, they go back to school in attendance”.

But whoever thinks that the chaos can end may be wrong. Already in Messina the mayor Cateno De Luca announced a new ordinance with the return to Dad until 23 January. Already today, however, the students of Palermo and Agrigento will be able to return to school. Little changes for some schools, that is, for those that usually do not carry out teaching activities on Saturdays and, therefore, will reopen their gates on Monday. But then what moves this suspension of the Tar? Above all it says a lot from the point of view of the method, because it invites you to follow what are the indications at national level in this matter.

In taking note of the decision of the TAR, Orlando, also president of Anci Sicilia, underlines how “the suspension does not exempt the health authorities, regional and national from putting in place every precaution for the protection of the right to health, as requested by the Anci Sicilia , expressing the concern of the mayors for the worsening of the pandemic, as certified in these hours by the declaration of the orange zone of ben 148 Sicilian municipalities “.

In short, for Orlando and his colleagues 200, the first citizens, the ordinances were intended to represent an alarm awaiting certain data. In these hours Orlando has always repeated: “Better to have remorse than regret.” As if to say: if then outbreaks should break out. the responsibility will certainly not be his. After the decisions of the TAR, in the meantime, the Region has returned to express itself strongly on the return to face-to-face lessons. And it did so with the numbers of the monitoring carried out by the regional school office which communicates that it has registered 706 educational institutions, equal to 86% of the total.