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Gds: “Palermo. Last 60 meters to complete the tunnel. Railway link, in Vicolo Bernava excavations even at night” – Ilovepalermocalcio

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Today’s edition of “Il Giornale di Sicilia” focuses on the Palermo railway link.

The works in Vicolo Bernava, one of the increasingly complicated points for the completion of the railway link, have come to life and continue even during the night.
At the moment, the excavation of the Lolli-Giustizia tunnel is being carried out, a contract that Rete Ferroviaria Italiana awarded to the temporary grouping Europea 92 SpA / Cipa SpA.
, and of the supporting structures of the Lolli stops (already active since 2016 on the single track) and Giustizia.

The works are part of the electrified doubling of the Palermo Centrale / Palermo Brancaccio – Punta Raisi section, or the railway link that represents the main link between the capital and the adjacent municipalities up to the Falcone and Borsellino airport.
The amount of the contract is approximately 18 million euros, for a total duration of 780 days starting from January 31st, so to see the work completed we will talk about it in 2024.
Over 100 are used in the execution of the works.
workers, with simultaneous peaks of about 60 units.
Previously, it was Impresit Lavori Srl who demolished the buildings in vicolo Bernava and via Serpotta, for a contract worth around 1 million euros.

A few weeks ago, again for the passerby, the tender for the completion of the new Belgium stop had been awarded.
Inserted in the urban section of the Passante, along via Monti Iblei – between viale De Gasperi and viale Belgio – it will further enrich its metropolitan function, also in view of the next activation of the double track between Palermo Notarbartolo and Palermo San Lorenzo, scheduled for next June.
The new Belgium stop will be underground, equipped with two sidewalks and able to guarantee accessibility for people with disabilities and reduced mobility, thanks to routes for the blind, escalators and lifts.