Gds: “Palermo. At the pub disco en plein air. A barrage of fines on the Movida” – Ilovepalermocalcio

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Today’s edition of “Il Giornale di Sicilia” focuses on the Movida in Palermo and the barrage of fines.

“The managers, right from the start, showed themselves to be very intolerant and not very cooperative for the entire duration of the control, continually hindering the office activities put in place by the verbalizers”.
At the end of the report of the municipal police activity against the bad Movida in the historic center, the complaints of the agents after the blitz off Cavalieri di Malta which led to a long list of sanctions in a place against which the closure was also requested for five days.

The party ended after the intervention took place on the recommendation of the inhabitants of the area who had presented a complaint disputing how the street had been transformed into a sort of disco.
And when the municipal police arrived, what was reported was confirmed: there was a live concert complete with loudspeakers and outdoor amplification.
The area,
moreover, it would have been occupied by tables and chairs much more than the safonometry of the musical equipment used (penalty of 50 euros) and above all the self-control plan for food safety (2,000 euros).

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