GdF seizes 4 tons of barrels in the Palermo area

(ANSA) – PALERMO, DECEMBER 30 – The financiers of the provincial command of Palermo have seized, in various interventions, over 1.5 million fireworks weighing 4.3 tons. In the first case, the soldiers of the 2nd Metropolitan Operational Unit seized numerous barrels in some sales outlets or mega stores without the regular authorization issued by the prefect.

Fireworks were displayed near highly flammable items, paper towels, artificial flowers, plastic plates and cups, kitchen lighters, lighters containing liquid gas, aerosol cans. Five non-EU citizens were reported to the Prosecutor for illegal trade in explosive material, receiving stolen goods, and also for violations of fire regulations and workplace safety regulations, while the goods illegally held or put up for sale, approximately 1.5 million pyrotechnics, weighing more than 2.5 tons, was subject to criminal seizure. Another 4 people, 3 residing in Palermo and one in Corleone were reported by the green Basques of the Ready to Employment group who identified and seized over 220 “batteries” of pyrotechnic devices for a total weight of over 880 kilos. Several pyrotechnics were seized in postal courier depots. They were shipments where the origin, destination and nature of the contents were not indicated. 1,356 pyrotechnic devices were found in the parcels for a total weight of approximately 950 kg. Investigations are underway to trace the 9 recipients. .