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Gates: ‘Orlando catastrophe, Palermo returns to Palermo’

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The Melonian candidate speaks: “Center-right, agreement still possible”.

Honorable Carolina Varchi, the same question for you too: would you recommend betting on your candidacy for mayor of Palermo? By the way: mayor or mayor?
“I always recommend betting on me.
He’s fine mayor.
The war of endings has never fascinated me ”.

These are hours of consultations that a writer of little imagination would define as ‘feverish’ in the center-right. Salvini reiterated that the League does not intend to remain dry-mouthed.
Musumeci encouraged Lagalla.
Miccichè does not move… In this climate of expectation there is also the candidate of ‘Brothers of Italy’, suspended between the desire to go on anyway and the theory of a synthesis which, yet, does not materialize in practice.

What’s going on in the center-right, honorable?
“Which is experiencing an anomalous phase at the national level.
There are forces that govern with the left, there is a problem of center of gravity.
But I wonder why the rules we have always given ourselves, which provide for the reconfirmation of outgoing players, are no longer valid.
Another rule: we decide together “.

You in Palermo and Musumeci in Palazzo d’Orleans? Others will say it’s a bit much.
Indeed, they have already said it.

“I don’t have these foreclosures and I don’t understand why.
We supported Bernardo in Milan and Fontana for the Lombardy region, both proposed by the Lega.
And it seems to me that Milan and Lombardy are in Italy like Palermo and Sicily.
The balance changes, the polls say we can win.
Despite this, Brothers of Italy does not shy away from confrontation, and never will “.

But is that famous synthesis of the center-right still possible?
“Indeed it is”.

If so, would she be willing to step back?
“It is not a scenario that we have talked about and it is not current.
I am on the pitch.
I know, of course, that the problems in Palermo need a broad coalition and everyone’s commitment ”.

Palermo as an exchange pawn in a national and regional chess match?
“It’s an analysis that I don’t understand, not in terms of negative value, at least.
We structure ourselves with the party at the national level: it is politics.
So what should be said of Franco Miceli, a candidate of the center left, who went to Rome on a pilgrimage from the Democratic Party and the grillini? If he does it, is it okay? “.

What electoral campaign is he running?
“I am always around, in the midst of the Palermitans, an unmediated relationship thanks to the social networks with which anyone can contact me directly.
I am with those who live in Palermo, with those who suffer from it, with those who govern their economy.
And I am very worried about the failures of the Orlando administration, about the rebalancing plan which, in the notes of the offices, is very nebulous with objectives that are, in fact, unattainable.
A tremendous gift that the next administration will have to deal with, the last burden of the mayor who, fortunately, is about to end his catastrophic mandate ”.

Land what do you propose instead?
“A total discontinuity.
Except that I, unlike others, can state it without appearing inconsistent.
The last few years have been lived with the assumption of the enmity of power towards the citizen.
And this was done by the left.
The mayor of Palermo must speak to the people of Palermo, he must make them feel protagonists, he must give and receive trust.
A little while ago, I saw a bus that looked like a cattle car, with people momentarily coming out of the window.
Living in Palermo shouldn’t be a punishment ”.

And what do the Palermitans you meet say to Carolina Varchi?
“They ask me: ‘But cu tu fa lighthouses?‘.
And then they explain to me that they are resigned.
Who makes me do it? The love for my city and the anger I feel in observing it in the conditions in which it is.
We can’t take it anymore “.

Musumeci encouraged Lagalla, another candidate.
What do you think?

“It’s not the right reading.
The press conference referred to, in the words spoken by the president, was a simple act of institutional courtesy for the resignation of councilor Lagalla ”.

With whom she has excellent relations.
“As with Francesco Cascio, with Francesco Scoma and with Totò Lentini.
We come from common paths, we know and respect each other.
It is an asset, not an impediment “.

The first thing to do, if you were the mayor?
“Building a family-friendly city, which allows, for example, mothers to be mothers and work thanks to the services offered”.

You angered the councilor Catania.
You accused her of wanting to go back to cancel the ‘achievements’ in mobility.

“Catania has responded to a statement that only he has heard, an invented thing.
I said that his Ztl does not work, that it is a hypocrisy, put there to make money.
The environment is not protected, but in the meantime Via Roma has become a desert.
We need to change pace and give Palermo back to Palermo ”.