Gates launched by the big players of Fdi: “In Palermo we have to turn the page, Orlando administration disastrous”

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“In Palermo we have to turn the page to cancel what for us is a disastrous administration that accompanies the city to the elections with a very heavy burden which is the rebalancing plan”.
Thus Carolina Varchi, candidate for mayor of Palermo for FdI, meeting the press at Palazzo delle Aquile together with the vice president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa and the group leader in the Chamber Francesco Lollobrigida.
“Brothers of Italy – continued Varchi – has fielded the proposal of my candidacy and I am honored because even being a candidate in your own city is a great honor”.

Speaking of the rebalancing plan, Varchi added: “The Municipality has prepared a plan which, however, from what the offices write, does not rest on a solid basis and this is even more serious because we are facing an administration that wants to tie the hands to those who will govern.
in the next 5 years.
We consider it an act of institutional arrogance “.
The exponent of Fdi also spoke of the difficulties in converging on a name on the part of the political area to which it belongs.
“The candidates of the center-right in Palermo are many: I trust that a recomposition will be reached.
Let’s go ahead with our proposal, after which we will listen to everyone, our ruling class and the citizens”.

Lollobrigida also announced that the party led by Giorgia Meloni will not give up its ‘flag’ for the elections in the Sicilian capital.
“Fratelli d’Italia will present itself with its own symbol, just as it did five years ago.
If you have a face you have to put it on the pitch and don’t change it just before the vote”.
She then added: “We do not participate in fights in the center-right.
At this moment there is no particular order in the coalition but it is not that they are better off in the center-left.
Of course today we suffer more.” And again: “Our main point of reference is not necessarily the center-right, they are the center-right voters.
FdI will not be alone at the administrative or regional level and if the others decide to return we are waiting for them.
Here in Sicily five years ago we proposed the candidacy of Nello Musumeci and the data today tell us that he governed well “.

La Russa also focused on the divisions between Fdi, Lega and Fi.
“Do you know who invented the slogan ‘Italy first’? Giorgio Almirante, I still have the posters”, said the senator, commenting on the initiative launched in recent days by Lega leader Matteo Salvini.
“The center-right allies – he continued – we asked them to explain why in Sicily, unlike other places where you vote, someone is questioning the outgoing president.
If there are any reasons, please explain them.” And then: “We are willing to listen to the friends of other political forces and we are absolutely open to any synergy.
We have not quarreled with anyone.” Finally, according to La Russa “to find a synthesis we need the will to find it and we want to find it in the unity of the center-right.
We get angry with the others (Forza Italia and Lega, ed) only when they choose other than the center-right “.

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