Gangi, the first live streaming of the board is a flop You can’t hear anything

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It took months and months and complaints from the councilors for the city council to be transmitted in Gangi live streaming.
And this morning the first session of the new city council with the new administration led by the mayor Giuseppe Ferrarello.
And the debut, for this first time in streaming, was not the luckiest.
Audio totally absent in the first part of the city council.
With a lot of not exactly flattering comments: “If you can’t improve the audio it’s hard to follow”; “What’s the point of making a live broadcast or keeping a live broadcast on when you can’t hear anything ..
Maybe it’s better to unplug it”; “It is not a good sign nor a good start: this is an administration that is beginning not to make itself heard …”; “But what direct is it if you don’t hear it at all.
reluctantly I give up “; “You don’t get a chance to listen because of the bad audio! Natra votes “.
These are some of the messages that appeared during the broadcast.
Things then improved significantly.
The audio is there, but it is barely audible.
And then the cell phone was placed vertically.
With the result that can be appreciated in the image.
Certainly not a good start.

Sicilian news 2022-07-03 12:43:00

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