Gangi, Let’s help Anna: solidarity competition to allow women to be treated in the United States

“We want our mother to return to rejoice and enjoy life, rekindling the light of her eyes as deep and intense as her soul”, writes Felisia Salvo in the text of the fundraiser on GoFundMe,

that in just four days unleashed a solidarity contest in Gangi, in the province of Palermo, and beyond: thanks also to 4,900 shares, more than 1,800 donors have already raised over 74 thousand euros, against the final goal of 250 thousand.
“Mamma Anna (pictured) is a wonderful woman, tireless, dedicated to family and work, surrounded by friends who respect her but who for four years have been fighting an evil that would like to break her”. Felisia, together with her three brothers, undertook this initiative to help her mother, who returned from breast cancer in May of last year: “That tumor gave birth to a rare metastasis to the pleura that continued to spread to the bones as well. – explains the young woman – The therapies carried out so far in Italy offer at most attempts to block or make the disease chronic ”.
“The hope – adds Felisia – is instead that she will be able to follow a promising, targeted and cutting-edge treatment in America, in Houston, Texas, with Dr. Salem, but unfortunately the costs are very high. This is the ICTriplex, a protocol that would therefore give a prospect of cure and a chance for life ”. The campaign can be reached at the link