Gallo (FI): "Savarino's statements on the center-right cohesion are good"


The deputy coordinator
Forza Italia regional council, the Honorable Riccardo Gallo, shares just as much
declared by the regional colleague Giusi Savarino of the movement
"It will become very beautiful", in reference to the need to guarantee union and
compactness of the center-right coalition, which supports the
Musumeci government, in the context of peripheral political choices related to
next Administrative elections in the spring.

Honorable Gallo
he adds: “We share and support
without any reservations the collegiate and coalition line of the united center
expressed by Mrs Giusi Savarino, avoiding leaks forward and
initiatives not agreed in the coalition, or between all forces
policies that recognize and support the Musumeci government to the Region, between
Lega, Forza Italia, Brothers of Italy, will become very beautiful, UDC, let's change,
moderates, and the civic lists that are positioned in the political wake of the
center ".

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