Gaetano Lino Underwater manager of BCsicilia appointed Honorary Inspector for submerged cultural heritage

Gaetano Lino, Head of the underwater group of BCsicilia was appointed by the Regional Councilor for Cultural Heritage and IS “Honorary Inspector for the submerged cultural heritage of the Province of Palermo”,

following a formal request from the Superintendency of the Sea. The mandate is three years and will last from April 2021 to April 2024.
Councilor Alberto Samonà has conferred the task “for the professionalism and competence in the sector of Cultural Heritage”.
Gaetano Lino, in service for about a decade at the Civil Engineering Office of Palermo with the qualification of Engineer Technical Manager, subsequently moved to the Superintendence of the Sea where he was Technical Manager for many years. Coordinator in various research and survey operations including the Italian archaeological mission to the island of Ojika in Japan, the Sicilian mission to Libya at Ra’s Al-Hilal in the waters of the Cyrenaica, again in Bomba and Tobruk, in Alexandria, Egypt, in the cold waters of the Baltic Sea near Vyborg, and finally responsible for countless research and recovery activities in the seas of Sicily.
The Superintendent of the Sea, Valeria Li Vigni “I express deep satisfaction for the prestigious assignment which establishes the right recognition of a constant continuous relationship of collaboration, interaction and information with the Superintendency. The appointment of Honorary Inspector represents our “advanced garrison” in the marine sector entrusted to him and I am sure that the engineer Lino with his long experience, gained in the field alongside Sebastiano Tusa, will represent an added value to the group of talented divers of the SopMare enriching him with his technical skills “.
“We are pleased – declares Alfonso Lo Cascio, Regional President of BCsicilia – for the important appointment conferred on Gaetano Lino who guides the Diving Group of the BCsicilia Association with passion, ability and undisputed competence, an extraordinary reference point for the Section’s divers. We are sure that Gaetano will carry out the assigned task with great professionalism, seriousness and commitment, as he has shown over the long years at the service of regional institutions and as a volunteer to protect and enhance our submerged cultural heritage ”.

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