Gabbani arriving in Palermo: «In music I express who I am in reality»

All ready to celebrate in the square with Francesco Gabbani: in Palermo, a New Year under the banner of “We just wanted to be happy”. In fact, the record-breaking singer, originally from Carrara, is ready to close in 2022 and open in 2023 in Piazza Politeama in Palermo. Gabbani is the first artist in the history of the Sanremo Festival who has consecutively won among the new proposals and then among the big ones (2016 with Amen and 2017 with Westerners Karma). Previously, in 1998, Annalisa Minetti had succeeded with Without you or with you to win the festival both in the Youth section and in the Champions section in the same year (the regulation allowed the winner of the new proposals to enter the competition with the big names, a bit like now, even if in the last few editions the Youth final was held in advance of the Ariston event).

Gabbani, on the other hand, did better than artists like Ramazzotti or Aleandro Baldi who won the festival a couple of years after their triumph in the debutant category. Day 31 in Palermo he will do a live show – during the event by GoMad concerts, Utopia and Wilder, in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Palermo – at the turn of midnight which will last about an hour and a half, to then leave space for other Sicilian artists. In his repertoire, in addition to the greatest hits, also his latest single, Christmas might as well. «I am honored – says Gabbani – to celebrate the New Year in Palermo. The idea of ​​being able to spend the last moments of this and the first moments of next year here makes me happy».

The new year will be celebrated in Sicily…

«After the dates in Palermo and Taormina last September, in which I was filled with beautiful emotions, it is an honor for me to be there. I am bound to this land by an emotional and affective relationship».

A deep bond that takes her back in time…

«When I think of Sicily, two people come to mind: my guitar teacher, Alessandro Di Dio Masa, who brought his Sicilian spirit to Carrara even before I arrived there, and the great Franco Battiato».

And on the Sicilian public?

«Unfortunately, besides enjoying the concert, I won’t be able to do anything else, but I’m sure that the public will be able to give me great affection as they always have. Every time I come, on my way back I have had to buy an extra suitcase to be able to take away all the gifts I receive, often they are food like cannoli».

He will also bring the new single to the stage, Christmas might as well.

«It is a song that tells about Christmas in a deeper way and that looks at it from a melancholy perspective. It is dedicated to all those who experience it in suffering for various reasons”.

A track with melancholy lines…

“It certainly isn’t meant to be an attempt at destruction on my part, but I realize that as time goes on, it’s harder and harder to explain the songs. It’s all very relative and everyone finds their meaning in music».

A message that starts from an introspective path, just like on the record We just wanted to be happy.

«I am and feel evolving and I hope that this tends to improve my person. But to improve I have to get to know and understand myself, more and more. This is an introspective phase, dedicated to looking inside myself. Before, I worried about who I was for others, but today I experience music as a natural expression of who I am».

In Palermo you too will be able to take stock of your 2022.

«I think mine has been a year full of many beautiful things and I am satisfied. This year has given me many beautiful emotions. But the goal is to continue expressing who I am, writing songs that maybe one day will be published. For the new year, however, I have a very important project. I will have a new television experience, two prime time shows in the spring.

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