FuturoTrapani Calcio: the guidelines, points of interest and wishes that the AC is considering declining in the next public notice

Yesterday afternoon, in Palazzo D’Ali, in Sala Sodano, the meeting promoted by the Mayor Giacomo Tranchida with the subjects who in recent months have advanced formal expressions of interest for the acquisition of the sports title of the football team of City of Trapani. In addition to the Mayor Tranchida also present the Vice Vincenzo Abbruscato with responsibility for Sport, the President of the Municipal Council Giuseppe Guaiana and the Councilor Andrea Vassallo. Present, as free consultant to the Mayor on the matter under consideration, was the notary Saverio Camilleri. With the exception of Dr. Picciotto, both in presence and remotely, all the invited subjects intervened, whom the Mayor was able to thank and to whom he anticipated some guidelines, points of interest and wishes that the AC is considering declining within the next public notice, partly agreed with the national football authorities:

  • Project for 4 sports seasons with a forecast of promotion to Serie B by the 2024/2025 season;
  • Business Plan valid for 4 seasons which clearly indicates the forecast plan of the costs and revenues of the activity, divided by year and according to the macro areas (administrative area, technical-sports area and commercial);
  • Initial capital not less than 1 million euros, to be allocated to the payment of the contribution that will be requested by the FIGC (presumably not less than 300 thousand euros) and related expenses the reconstruction of the corporate fabric (capital goods, warehouse, employees and tc);
  • Capitalization of the 1st season of not less than Euro 1.5 million, of which at least Euro 100 thousand to be allocated to the youth and female sectors;
  • Total shareholder contribution capacity for the four seasons of no less than € 8 million and capital guarantees related to the issue of the sureties required by the FIGC and public bodies (including Libero Consorzio ..);
  • Statutory provision of a form of popular or widespread shareholding with the right to underwrite shares or quotas (according to the type of company that will be adopted by the company) for a percentage of not less than 5% of the share capital, at which to recognize a sort of “right of the tribune” with the option of 1 administrative representative from the same;
  • How to involve the Municipal Administration in the management control activity of the company (for example: appointment of the Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors and / or of the Sole Auditor entrusted to l pro tempore Mayor of the City of Trapani);
  • Indication of any technical or commercial sponsors already identified with related notes of commitment to support corporate activities;
  • First demand surety guarantee for the use of the “sports title” of at least 1 million euros in favor of the Municipality, obliged – in the unfortunate hypothesis of bankruptcy, retrocessions, bad management etc – to reinvest the sports sector .

Among the possible additional bonuses, in compliance with the civil code and free enterprise, also the possible re-employment of employees of the bankrupt company “Trapani Calcio Srl”.The AC has reserved the right to speak with the Libero Consorzio about the ready availability of the stadium as well as to plan the provision of its own facilities or sports areas useful for redevelopment.Defined in the technical-administrative context, the notice will be promptly published in accordance with the law.