Funeral arrangements set for Marisa Leo, communal mourning in Salemi

The community of Salemi is preparing to bid farewell to Marisa Leo, the 39-year-old woman who was killed last Wednesday in the countryside between Marsala and Mazara del Vallo by her ex-partner Angelo Reina. The funeral of Marisa will be held tomorrow (September 13) at 4 pm at the Mother Church of Salemi. Mayor Domenico Venuti has declared a city mourning, stating that “the entire town is shocked and dismayed” by the woman’s untimely death. The mayor’s decree also expresses condolences and solidarity with the Leo family, victims of femicide. Tomorrow, flags will be flown at half-mast in public buildings and offices in Salemi. Mayor Venuti has also invited a moment of silence to be observed in workplaces during the funeral. Yesterday, the autopsy on the young woman’s body, carried out by forensic doctor Tommaso D’Anna, appointed by the prosecutor’s office in Marsala, revealed that the bullets fired by Angelo Reina hit Marisa Leo below the abdomen and that there might be more than three. The autopsy confirmed that the shots were all fired at the lower part of the pelvis, around the uterus. It appears to be a punishment “to the woman and the mother” by Angelo Reina, who then committed suicide on a viaduct of the A/29 highway. Further investigations concern the entry wounds of the small caliber 22 bullets fired from the rifle held by Reina, and it will also be determined what material was found under the victim’s nails to understand whether the woman defended herself when she realized she was in danger. Angelo Reina, a nursery industry entrepreneur, illegally possessed a caliber 22 rifle, a 7.65, and ammunition. It is not known whether an autopsy has been or will be conducted on Angelo Reina. The search for the cell phones used by Marisa and Angelo, which disappeared into thin air, continues, and efforts are being made to trace those who provided the weapons and ammunition to the man. Meanwhile, the Leo family has appointed lawyer Giacomo Frazzitta as their legal representative.

Femminicidio di Marisa Leo, lutto cittadino a Salemi: fissati i funerali

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